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Welcome Aboard

There is a shift within the content creation and indie game dev world in which there is a demand for the simpler aspect of the end product. A niching down further in which it's no more the rule of law to cover everything and anything but, to dive into what we as a creator truly enjoy.

By bringing together creators from these two different worlds together. Our enthusiasm is to see more of a resurgence into the mainstream for alternative platforms, indie games and the people who bring these creations to life.


Why You Should Join Us

By joining us here you'll gain benefits of being part of a community that is focused on creating content that fits an audience that you've cultivated. Weather you're just starting out or are a seasoned creator, there's plenty to still learn within the creator space. This also pertains to those within the indie game development space. We are all here to support each other and to drive ideas forward.

  • A community of niche creators
  • A willingness of providing constructive criticism as well as being able to receive the same in kind.
  • A place to share your wins and your progress.

We just ask you follow a few basic guidelines.

  • Ask that all members be respectful to everyone
  • No idea is bad
  • No hate speech/slurs/etc
  • There is no sub4sub or follow4follow or lurk4lurk 
  • No spamming of any kind
  • Simply participate in discussions and events


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